RSX Engineering, established in 2008 as Resonance Electronix, is an original design manufacturer specializing in custom electronics for smart toys. The company has developed a strong capability in designing comprehensive electronic solutions that include hardware, mechanics, optics, radio communications, firmware, and software. This breadth allows RSX Engineering to meet diverse client needs, from initial concept through to final product design.

The company’s approach to manufacturing involves partnerships with specialists in electronic assembly, plastic injection molding, 3D printing, and CNC machining. This network of partners helps to ensure high-quality production outcomes while maintaining flexibility in scale and production techniques. RSX Engineering’s capacity to manage and integrate these complex production processes is a cornerstone of its service offering.

In addition to its design and manufacturing capabilities, RSX Engineering provides thorough service support, including warranty and post-warranty repairs and maintenance. Having produced over 300,000 units since its inception, the company has proven its ability to deliver reliable and effective electronic components and systems in the smart toy market.